Gear Fault Interrupt System


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Pedalboard Interface
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HOME — 52 Comments

  1. Hai.
    Boleh tau harga Eigendrive nya ?
    Apa benar harganya 1,5jt dlm masa promo?
    Saya tw dari Igamassardi.

    Carap pemesanannya gmn ya?
    Thanks (:

    • Halo mas Tora, betul mas harga promonya 1,5jt. Cara pemesanan bisa dgn cara langsung mengontak saya via email (gfisys@gmail.com), atau telp/sms/whatsapp (0813-1899-2395). Pedal ready stock.

  2. Saya baru tau tentang gfi system dan sangat impress dgn produk2nya. Kira2 ada rencana buat switching system yg midi compatible kah? Sama wave logic mk.II seru bgt kayaknya ni.

    • Makasih banyak mas Nada.
      Memang sudah lama terpikir untuk mengembangkan switching system yang full programmable plus MIDI control, saat ini masih mau matengin dulu konsep desainnya, kalo mas ada masukan/ide/saran boleh diajukan :).
      Ditunggu demo video dan info selengkapnya utk WaveLogic mkII!

      • Mantab! Sayang kmaren ga bs dateng pas launching wave logic! Dmana saya bs coba/order? Oya sama brapa ya harganya? Thx

      • Mantab! Sayang kmaren ga bs dateng pas launching wave logic! Dmana saya bs coba/order? Oya sama brapa ya harganya? Thx

  3. Hi, mohon bantuan penjelasan utk efek Dynatime- nya dlm hal input, output, dan kegunaan setiap knob.. Boleh dlm bentuk gambar / tulisan..

    Terima kasih banyak sebelumnya.

    • Hi Elijah, I’m afraid we can no longer make the pedal. The reason we discontinued it is because we found it’s actually quite cumbersome to use. We are working on a new design as a replacement for eigendrive, in a form of a 2-channel overdrive, it will be much simpler to use yet more versatile soundwise.

    • Hi Lucan, sorry for the late reply, I thought I’ve posted a reply to your previous comment, but apparently it didn’t get through. At the moment we do not have any dealership in the US, but we do ship worldwide. We are working to have a distribution channel in the US very soon, I can’t tell you exactly when that will happen, but we’re working on it.

    • Hi Elijah, thanks for the comment! We discontinued it because it didn’t sell well. However there have been some request lately to bring it back, so in the near future we may produce it again, with a new and improved design.

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