Artist Inquiries

We are a small business and do not pay artists/musicians to use our products.  We do have an official Artist endorsement / sponsorship program that offers discounts on our pedals.  If you’d like to apply for an official GFI System endorsement/sponsorship please email us at and tell us about yourself and your musical works.  We get many requests daily so please allow several days to hear back from us. Please understand that we may not be able to reply to all inquiries. Thank you.

These artists have used at least one GFI System products in their work. Click on any artist to learn more about their work.

David Villalpando M.

Joji Malani

Mike Pope

Chuck Yamek

Stefan Huth

Ron Bunker

Don Alder

Sidney Mohede

Nigel Hendroff

Michael J. Scheuchzer

Susana Vasquez

Mark Slaughter​

Abel Franco

Joshua Tremonti

Iga Massardi

Emanuele Savino

Gavin Iedema

Jimmy Satio

Faisal Aja  

Elang Nuraga

Michael Felisianus

Hendry Halim

Dewa Budjana


Indra Lesmana

Rey Tobing

Donny Suhendra

Javier Serrano

Liang Jianfei

Huang Juebin

Wang Da

David Poveda