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Reverb & Delay


About the Product

Specular Tempus is a powerful reverb and delay effect processor in a compact pedal. Featuring 32 hand-crafted algorithms, 32 presets. stereo in/out, tap-tempo, and extensive inter-connectivity.

Using the SpecLab software (free download) users get access to an extended set of parameters for deep-editing of the algorithms.See algorithms information here.

Preset System 

the 32 presets are organized in 4 pages, where each page contains 4 banks, and each bank contains 2 patches : A and B.

Stereo I/O 

2 inputs and 2 outputs.




Specular Tempus has been designed with the need to interconnect with the outside world in mind. It features no less than 4 interfaces that greatly expand the specular horizon :

  • Aux-In - accepts single, dual, or triple buttons switch boxes for versatile external control (tap-tempo, bank up/down, etc).

  • Aux-Out - provides tempo output signal that you can use to sync up the tempo of other delay pedals that has external tap tempo input.


  • Effects Loop - create your own unique delay or reverb sounds by inserting other effects into the delay or reverb feedback.

  • MIDI In - nearly all functions of the pedal are opened to MIDI access, including tap-tempo and expression pedal control.

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Key Features

  • Input impedances : 1 MOhm.

  • Output impedances : 500 Ohm.

  • DAC / ADC resolution : 24 bits.

  • Current consumption : ~100 mA.

  • Input / Output jacks : 1/4 inch TS.

  • Effects Loop jacks : 1/8 inch TS or TRS.

  • Weight : 600 grams (1.2 lbs).

  • Dimension : 12 (L) x 9 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm

  • Power requirement : 9VDC / 100mA, negative-center plug (Power supply is not included). 

  • Studio-grade reverbs & delays in a compact pedal.

  • Stereo In - Stereo Out.

  • 32 Presets.

  • 36 algorithms.

  • Tap-tempo (with 4 sub-divisions).

  • Versatile controls via Aux-In, Aux-Out, and MIDI.

  • Kill-Dry function.

  • Analog dry-thru.

Demo Video