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About preset sharing

To be able to use these presets you should have the following firmware versions installed in your pedals.
Cabzeus: firmware v2.2
Specular Tempus: firmware v3.8 - Build 31 or higher
Synesthesia: firmware v2.3.0 or higher

The mechanics.
The CabsLab, SpecLab, and SymmLab editor software for Cabzeus, Specular Tempus, and Synesthesia respectively, provide a mechanism to generate preset files that you can share with other users of the pedals. 

     Generating preset files.
     1.  In the Editor software, click the '
+' button on the Local Preset panel.
     2.  Type in the desired preset title. Avoid using symbols such as !,?,#,%, etc in the preset title. Just use simple characters.
     3.  Click the
Save button. 
          The procedure above will take a snapshot of the settings currently shown on the editor and save it into a preset file. You can find the 
          generated preset files in the following directory:
              Windows:   C:/GFI System/software_name/presets/
              Mac         :   Documents/GFI System/software_name/presets

     Importing preset files.
     When another users shares his/her preset files to you, you can import it to the editor using the following steps:
     1.  Place the preset files in a folder somewhere in your computer, preferably inside the 'Downloads' folder. If you receive a zip file make sure 
          you extract the content first!
     2.  Open the editor software. Click the '
+' button on the Local Preset panel.
     3.   Click the '
Add preset from files(s)' button. Browse to the folder where you have placed the preset files, select all the files and click   
Open. The presets will appear on the preset drop down list.



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WARNING:  Once generated or imported, DO NOT manually delete or rename the preset files! Doing so will break the internal preset database and potentially crash the software. If you'd like to delete a preset that you no longer want select that preset on the drop down list then click the 'X' button in the Local Preset panel.

Preparing your presets for submission
There are two ways you can package the preset files for submission:
1.  As a collection of individual preset files. Each preset file corresponds to a single preset.
2.  As a backup preset file. This method bundles all 32 presets that are saved in your pedals into a single 'preset backup ' file.

Whichever method you choose, put the files into a zip file. This zip file is the file that you will submit. We will review the submitted file and make sure everything is proper before making it available for others to download. The curation process may take several days to complete.

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