(v3.8 - build 31)

ST Firmware v3.8 - Build 31

v3.8 Release Note

Post date :
May 22 2021

If your pedal still runs on a firmware that is lower than V3.0 please contact us. Do not attempt to update to V3.8 directly!

Take a little time to go over this release note to get you started with the new stuff.

- v3.8 build 7 fixed a bug related to tap-tempo operation via MIDI and via footswitch B.
- v.3.8 build 8 fixed the 'last-used' preset loading error on power up.
- v3.8 build 9 fixed global tempo bug.
- v3.8 build 10 fixed FX-Loop bug.
- v3.8 build 11 fixed Global Kill-Dry bug.
- v3.8 build 12 fixed tempo-related bugs and made Shimmer and Swell algos more robust.
- v3.8 build 13 Fixed Bank-Up and Bank-Down operations via MIDI.
- v3.8 build 14 Fixed global settings menu glitch.
- v3.8 build 15 - Improved robustness of Midi CC messages handling.
                          - added "Page Selection" functionality. 
- v3.8 build 16 - Fixed tempo LED blinking bug.
- v3.8 build 17 - Fixed preset-save bug when using midi clock.
- v3.8 build 18 - Improved Midi CC message handling.
- v3.8 build 19 - Allow midi clock reception when using Reverb algorithms.
- v3.8 build 20 - Patch A is now indicated by the "<<" sign to the left of the title. This help give clear 
​                            indentification (during bypass condition) which patch was last active. 
- v3.8 build 21 - The Aux-out pulse on period is increased to 97 ms, improving compatibility with some 
                            other pedals. 
- v3.8 build 22 - Modified the preset-load behavior when the same preset is re-selected via Midi.
- v3.8 build 23 - Fixed Bank Down function via Aux switch.
                          - Fixed Momentary-A and Momentary-B functions.
- v3.8 build 24 - Fixed issues with preset loading via MIDI.
- v3.8 build 25 - Fixed issues with midi clock overriding tempo LED-blinking option.
- v3.8 build 26 - Added 'Set Subdivision' function to MIDI - must use SpecLab 3.2.5 or higher!
- v3.8 build 27 - Added 'Knob Lock' function to MIDI (CC#30: '127' sets the lock, '0' releases it)/
                          - Fixed phase-cancellation issue in Spring reverb - must use SpecLab 3.2.6/7 or higher!
- v3.8 build 28 - Minor bug fixes.
- v3.8 build 29 - Fixed timing issue with Infinity capture operation.

- v3.8 build 30 - Fixed tempo-instability issue when changing banks while midi clock running.

- v3.8 build 31 - Fixed tap-tempo display glitch.

Update procedure :

1.  Download and install editor software SpecLab (current version is 3.2.7 for Windows and Mac).

2.  Download the firmware file.
       Mac : don't use the Safari browser, use Chrome or Firefox instead. 
       Windows : do not use the Edge or Internet Explorer browser, use Chrome of Firefox instead.

3.  Do Firmware Update :
    -  Hold down both footswitches on power up. Release when both LED A and B light up.
    -  Connect the pedal to your computer and start the editor software.
    -  Click the 'Browse for firmware file' button, select the firmware file you've just downloaded.
    -  Click 'Update Now.

4.  Do Library Update
    -  Menu >> Library Update.

5.  Reboot the pedal - DONE.


SpecLab 3.2.8 Installer


USB Driver Setup

* USB driver need to be installed only once. This is the same driver used by SymmLab and CabsLab editor software.

SpecLab 3.2.9


(!) Please read the Installation Guide (included in the zip file) first before installing.

- MacOS 11.x (Big Sur) -

SpecLab 3.2.9 CE

- MacOS 10.11 to 10.15 -

OS Compatibility :


  • Windows : XP, 7, 8.x, 10

  • Mac : 11.x (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capistan)


User Manual - v3.8

Quickstart Guide - v3.8

Algorithm Reference