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  • Create backups of your presets prior to performing firmware updates. Navigate to [Menu] -> [Backup] on the SpecLab.



ST Firmware v3.8 - Build 41

v3.8 Release Note

Post date :
Nov 29, 2022

This is a zip file. Extract the content after you download it!

If your pedal still runs on a firmware that is lower than V3.0 please contact us. Do not attempt to update to V3.8 directly!

Update history

Update procedure :

1.  Download and install editor software SpecLab (current version is v3.3.1).

2.  Download the firmware file (.fdt file).

3.  Do Firmware Update :
    -  Hold down both footswitches while applying power to the pedal, wait until both LED A and B stay On 

       (the LCD should be blank at this point).
    -  Connect the pedal to your computer and start the editor software.
    -  Click the 'Browse for firmware file' button, select the firmware file (.fdt file) you've just downloaded.
    -  Click 'Update Now.

4.  Reboot the pedal - DONE.


SpecLab 3.3.1


USB Driver Setup

* USB driver need to be installed only once. This is the same driver used by SymmLab and CabsLab editor software.


SpecLab 3.3.1

- Only Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey are supported  at the moment -


Installation Note:

1.  The installation process consists of 2 separate installations (one for the app itself, and the other for      the USB driver). When installation is progressing you will be prompted to continue twice, make sure      you complete both.


2.  When starting the software for the first time, if Mac throws out warning messages about 'malware'         or that 'this software will damage your computer' try the following steps:

          1.  Uninstall the software (drag the icon to the Trash).

          2.  Restart Mac.

          3.  Run the installer again.

          4.  Restart Mac.

          5.  Start the software.

OS Compatibility :


  • Windows : XP, 7, 8.x, 10

  • Mac : 12.x (Monterey), 11.x (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina).


User Manual - v3.8

Quickstart Guide - v3.8

Algorithm Reference

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