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  • Create backups of your presets prior to performing firmware updates. Navigate to [Menu] -> [Backup] on the SpecLab.



ST Firmware v3.8 - Build 42

v3.8 Release Note

Post date :
Nov 29, 2022

If your pedal still runs on a firmware that is lower than V3.0 please contact us. Do not attempt to update to V3.8 directly!

Update history

Update procedure :

1.  Download and install editor software SpecLab (current version is v3.4.5).

2.  Download the firmware file (.fdt file).

3.  Do Firmware Update :
    -  Hold down both footswitches while applying power to the pedal, wait until both LED A and B stay On 

       (the LCD should be blank at this point).
    -  Connect the pedal to your computer and start the editor software.
    -  Click the 'Browse for firmware file' button, select the firmware file (.fdt file) you've just downloaded.
    -  Click 'Update Now.

4.  Reboot the pedal - DONE.


SpecLab 3.4.6


USB Driver Setup

* USB driver need to be installed only once. This is the same driver used by SymmLab and CabsLab editor software.


SpecLab 3.4.6

- Backward compatibility is supported down to Sierra/High Sierra, 

older versions are not supported at the moment -


Installation Note:

1.  When starting the software for the first time, if Mac throws out warning messages about 'malware'         or that 'this software will damage your computer' try the following steps:

          1.  Open System Preferences >> Security and Privacy.

          2.  Click "Open Anyway".

OS Compatibility :


  • Windows : XP, 7, 8.x, 10

  • Mac : 13.x (Ventura), 12.x (Monterey), 11.x (Big Sur), 10.x (Catalina), 9.x (Sierra/High Sierra).


User Manual - v3.8

Quickstart Guide - v3.8

Algorithm Reference

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