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( v2.2 - build 0 )

Firmware Update procedure :

* This update procedure requires a factory reset which will erase the presets stored in your pedal. To avoid losing your presets you can first save your presets as 'Local Preset' in your computer and later restore it back to your pedal. Do that before you perform the update steps below.

1.  Download and install editor software CabsLab 2.0.0 (or higher).

2.  Download firmware v.2.2
Mac : don't use the Safari browser, use Chrome or Firefox instead. 
         Windows : do not use the Edge or Internet Explorer browser, use Chrome of Firefox instead.

3.  Do Firmware Update :
    -  Hold down the preset selector knob on power up. Release when both LED 1 and 4 light up.
    -  Connect the pedal to your computer and start CabsLab.
    -  When prompted, browse for the firmware file you've just downloaded and start the update.

4.  Do Factory Reset
    -  Menu >> Factory Reset.
       (If you encountered errors at this step, reboot the pedal and try again).

5.  Reboot the pedal - DONE.

Cabzeus Firmware v2.2

This is a zip file. Extract the content after you download it!

  • Create backups of your presets prior to performing firmware updates. Navigate to [Menu] -> [Backup] on the CabsLab.




CabsLab 2.0.8 Installer

USB Driver Setup

* USB driver need to be installed only once. This is the same driver used by SymmLab and CabsLab editor software.


CabsLab 2.0.8 Installer

CabsLab 2.0.8 CE Installer

- MacOS 11.x (Big Sur) -

- MacOS 10.11 - 10.15 -

(!) Please read the Installation Guide (included in the zip file) first before installing.

OS Compatibility :


  • Windows : XP, 7, 8.x, 10

  • Mac : 11.x (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina).


User Manual - v2.0.

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