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  • Unplug MIDI cables (if any) from Synesthesia prior to running the update.

  • Use the latest version of SymmLab editor to perform the update. UNINSTALL older version​.

  • Create backups of your presets prior to performing firmware updates. Navigate to [Menu] -> [Backup] on the SymmLab.

Firmware &
Software Package
​v2.4.6 - latest version

Download this if you want to update the firmware. The bundled editor software will be of the latest version which ensures compatibility with the firmware.

​If you just need the editor software, go to the "Software Only" section to download the installer.

If you just need the firmware, go to the "Firmware Only" section below.

- Only MacOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura are supported  at the moment -


Update procedure :

  1. Download firmware 2.4.6 Package and extract the content.

  2. If you have older version of SymmLab editor installed, remove it, then install the new SymmLab version 2.5.2

  3. Do Firmware Update :
    -  Hold down both footswitches on power up. Release when the display reads "FIRMWARE UPDATE".
    -  Connect the pedal to your computer via the supplied USB cable and start SymmLab.
    -  Click the 'Browse for Firmware File' button, load the file Firmware v2.4.6.fdt and start the update.

  4. When the update is completed, exit the firmware update mode, then continue with 'library update'
    Menu >> Update Library.

Software Only

Make sure you download the appropriate version.

2.5.2 (latest) - works with firmware v2.3.0 or higher

2.2.0/2.2.1 - works with firmware v2.2.x


MacOS Mojave and below are not supported  at the moment -


Firmware Only
​v2.4.6 - latest version

USB Driver (windows only)

* This driver is for Windows only, Mac does not need a separate driver installation.
* USB driver need to be installed only once. This is the same driver used by SpecLab and CabsLab.


Update release note




User Manual v2.3.x

Algorithms Reference v2.x.x

MIDI Implementation v2.4.x

Quickstart Guide v2.x.x

Quick In-Depth Guide v2.x.x

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