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Enieqma - User Manual

Enieqma - MIDI Implementation


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EnieqLab Editor v1.0.0

IMPORTANT!  To be able to use this software for editing, your Enieqma pedal must be running fiirmware v1.1.0 or higher. If the pedal is currently running on older version please apply the latest update prior to using this software. You can use this software to perform the update. See update procedure below.


Post date :
May 27, 2024

Enieqma Firmware v1.1.0

Update History (pdf file)

* You will need the EnieqLab editor software to perform the firmware update. 

Update procedure :

1.  Begin with the pedal powered down, and the EnieqLab software on your computer closed.

2.  Apply power to the pedal while holding down both footswitches. Release when the display reads           "FIRMWARE UPDATE".

3.  Connect the pedal to your computer via USB and start the EnieqLab software.

4.  Proceed by selecting one of the two options:

If you select "I do not have the files" EnieqLab will automatically download the latest firmware file to be used in the update process.

5.  After the update is completed, continue with 'library update' Menu > Library update.


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